Free Printable Roman Numerals 1-50 Chart Template

Free Printable Roman Numerals 1-50 Chart template is available here for all aspiring learners of these numerals. The charts are highly recommended and ideal for those who are willing to make systematic learning of these numerals.

We have prepared these charts by using a very simple approach so as to impart the well conceptual learning of these numerals. We always believe that the whole learning of numerals always depends upon the learning chart. It is after all the source of learning that defines how easy or tough it can be to learn these numbers.

Roman numerals are the system of numbers that come from the ancient roman arena which was once ruling the whole world. These numerals were also once the mainstream numbers before the discovery and mainstream usage of Arabic numbers. With the passage of time roman numerals lost their place to the Arabic numbers and now we hardly see roman numerals. There are very few and limited applications of these numerals such as in the clock, Olympic events, etc. If you are keen to learn these historical numbers then feel free to proceed with this article.

Roman Numerals 1-50

Well if you are looking forward to beginning your learning of the Roman numerals then we feel that you should choose the appropriate learning sequence. Just like the other numerals the roman numerals also begin from the scratch and then move upwards.

So the learners need to decide what is a particular number up to what they want to learn these numerals. We believe that if you are a beginner learner of these numerals then you should pick the basics numbers. In the same direction, you can go with the first 50 roman numbers to learn and excel over them.

Once you get the proper understanding and learning of these numerals then you can simply move forward to the other advanced numerals. These numerals are comparatively easier to learn is the first basic numbers and develop a conceptual understanding. Having the conceptual understanding is significant to make the systematic learning of these numerals from the very basics.

One just can't cram these numerals as that is only short-term limited learning and will betray later. This is why learning the numerals step by step is the best possible planning and thus you can simply begin with these 1 to 50 numerals.

Number Ruman Numareal Number in Words
1 I One
2 II Two
3 III Three
4 IV Four
5 V Five
6 VI Six
7 VII Seven
8 VIII Eight
9 IX Nine
10 X Ten
11 XI Eleven
12 XII Twelve
13 XIII Thirteen
14 XIV Fourteen
15 XV Fifteen
16 XVI Sixteen
17 XVII Seventeen
18 XVIII Eightteen
19 XIX Nineteen
20 XX Twenty
21 XXI Twenty-One
22 XXII Twenty-Two
23 XXIII Twenty-Three
24 XXIV Twenty-Four
25 XXV Twenty-Five
26 XXVI Twenty-Six
27 XXVII Twenty-Seven
28 XXVIII Twenty-Eight
29 XXIX Twenty-Nine
30 XXX Thirty
31 XXXI Thirty-One
32 XXXII Thirty-Two
33 XXXIII Thirty-Three
34 XXXIV Thirty-Four
35 XXXV Thirty-Five
36 XXXVI Thirty-Six
37 XXXVII Thirty-Seven
38 XXXVIII Thirty-Eight
39 XXXIX Thirty-Nine
40 XL Fourty
41 XLI Fourty-One
42 XLII Fourty-Two
43 XLIII Fourty-Three
44 XLIV Fourty-Four
45 XLV Fourty-Five
46 XLVI Fourty-Six
47 XLVII Fourty-Seven
48 XLVIII Fourty-Eight
49 XLIX Fourty-Nine
50 L Fifty
Number Ruman Numareal Number in Words

Roman Numerals 1-50 Chart

There is a general perception about the roman numerals that these are hard-to-learn numbers. The reason behind this perception is that since these are unconventional numbers and not all of us have used them. The exposure of these numerals is very less to nothing which makes it hard to get the proper understanding of these numerals. For the same reason, we are here with our roman numerals chart that contains these numerals in the sequence of 1 to 50. This chart is essential and ideal for all those who are looking forward to learning these Roman numerals.

The chart provides them with the proper and comprehensive exposure to these numerals to make them well aware of the formation of these numerals. So if you want to excel at these first 50 numbers then feel free to consider using this chart.

We have prepared this chart putting our utmost efforts into it so as to provide the fundamental and conceptual learning of these numerals. The chart is thus ideal whether you are a kid or an adult learner of these numerals and want to learn them in an easy manner.

Printable Roman Numerals 1-50

We understand that preparing the roman numerals chart can be a difficult and daunting task for most learners. The reason is it requires both a good knowledge of these numerals and then the effort as well. For the same reason, numerals learners look out for alternatives.

The best alternative for these numerals is the printable roman numerals chart which you can find here. We have prepared this chart for all our aspiring learners of these numerals to offer them both ease of learning and also save their time and effort.

The chart comes in an easy-to-printable format and doesn't require any effort as such. It can thus facilitate the quick learning of these numerals with minimal effort. There is also the digital format of this numerals chart for those who prefer digital learning. With this digital format, the chart is compatible to access with digital gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. You will get the best possible portable learning capacity with this digital numerals chart in your day-to-day life.

Roman Numbers 1-50

The roman numbers are just like the Arabic numbers as far as we are relating them in the context of progression. These numerals start from the number 1 and then go upwards just like the Arabic numbers. The only difference between both of these numbers is how we write them. Roman numerals use the Latin letters set to write the numbers which are completely different from the Arabic numerals. The Latin letters that the roman numerals use are basically I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. These letters are used separately and jointly depending upon the roman numbers.

This is how the whole formation of these roman numerals takes place from the basics to the advanced stage. We are here putting the set of roman numbers from 1 to 50 to provide the learners with better exposure to these numerals.

We believe that with these numbers the learners will get the due exposure to these numerals to understand them well. They can also prefer getting our numerals chart of these numbers to begin the systematic learning of these numbers.

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