Free Printable Roman Numerals 1-100 Chart Template

Are you aspiring learners of the roman numerals and want to excel well at the roman numerals in the sequence of 1 to 100? Well, we then highly recommend you have a look at our Roman Numerals 1-100 Chart that we are going to compile here in this article. The whole objective of this chart is to facilitate the simple yet conceptual learning of these numerals. The charts are available in the easy to printable format with one single click and are also easy to share. With these charts, the aspiring learners will get both the proper exposure and also the guide to learn all these roman numbers.

Roman numerals are the system of numbers that have been given to us by the roman arena long back in history. These numerals at one point in time used to be the core system of numbers not just in Rome but all around the world. The same can be checked that most historical objects still carry the inscription over them in the roman numerals. It was late when with the discovery of the Arabic numerals the roman numerals lost their relevance. In the present time roman numerals have very limited or almost no relevance just exceptions are there.

For instance, you can still find the application of the roman numerals in the events of the Olympic games, clock watches, and some other ancient objects or literature. However, it doesn't mean that the roman numerals are just all over rather they are considered the oldest numerals in the world. Out of the historical legacy of these numerals, most scholars tend to learn these numerals to expand their knowledge base. We are here with the same objective to assist such aspirants by facilitating the smooth learning of these numerals for them with our learning charts.

Roman Numerals 1-100

Well if you are planning to learn some basic to intermediate numbers of the roman numerals then we believe that you should get ahead with your focus on learning the first 100 numerals. Having your learning of these numerals will do two things which are give you an ample amount of exposure to these numerals. Secondly, you will be able to build the required fundamentals for the roman numerals which will assist you in the further learning of these numerals.

So we highly recommend you to begin your learning now with these 1 to 100 roman numbers that we are putting our emphasis on in this article. These numerals are ideal to learn for all types of aspiring roman numerals learners whether they are kids or other adult individuals. So feel free to refer to our roman numerals chart and begin the well systematic learning of these numerals for yourself.

Number Ruman Numareal Number in Words
1 I One
2 II Two
3 III Three
4 IV Four
5 V Five
6 VI Six
7 VII Seven
8 VIII Eight
9 IX Nine
10 X Ten
11 XI Eleven
12 XII Twelve
13 XIII Thirteen
14 XIV Fourteen
15 XV Fifteen
16 XVI Sixteen
17 XVII Seventeen
18 XVIII Eightteen
19 XIX Nineteen
20 XX Twenty
21 XXI Twenty-One
22 XXII Twenty-Two
23 XXIII Twenty-Three
24 XXIV Twenty-Four
25 XXV Twenty-Five
26 XXVI Twenty-Six
27 XXVII Twenty-Seven
28 XXVIII Twenty-Eight
29 XXIX Twenty-Nine
30 XXX Thirty
31 XXXI Thirty-One
32 XXXII Thirty-Two
33 XXXIII Thirty-Three
34 XXXIV Thirty-Four
35 XXXV Thirty-Five
36 XXXVI Thirty-Six
37 XXXVII Thirty-Seven
38 XXXVIII Thirty-Eight
39 XXXIX Thirty-Nine
40 XL Fourty
41 XLI Fourty-One
42 XLII Fourty-Two
43 XLIII Fourty-Three
44 XLIV Fourty-Four
45 XLV Fourty-Five
46 XLVI Fourty-Six
47 XLVII Fourty-Seven
48 XLVIII Fourty-Eight
49 XLIX Fourty-Nine
50 L Fifty
Number Ruman Numareal Number in Words
51 LI Fifty-One
52 LII Fifty-Two
53 LIII Fifty-Three
54 LIV Fifty-Four
55 LV Fifty-Five
56 LVI Fifty-Six
57 LVII Fifty-Seven
58 LVIII Fifty-Eight
59 LIX Fifty-Nine
60 LX Sixty
61 LXI Sixty-One
62 LXII Sixty-Two
63 LXIII Sixty-Three
64 LXIV Sixty-Four
65 LXV Sixty-Five
66 LXVI Sixty-Six
67 LXVII Sixty-Seven
68 LXVIII Sixty-Eight
69 LXIX Sixty-Nine
70 LXX Seventy
71 LXXI Seventy-One
72 LXXII Seventy-Two
73 LXXIII Seventy-Three
74 LXXIV Seventy-Four
75 LXXV Seventy-Five
76 LXXVI Seventy-Six
77 LXXVII Seventy-Seven
78 LXXVIII Seventy-Eight
79 LXXIX Seventy-Nine
80 LXXX Eigthy
81 LXXXI Eigthy-One
82 LXXXII Eigthy-Two
83 LXXXIII Eigthy-Three
84 LXXXIV Eigthy-Four
85 LXXXV Eigthy-Five
86 LXXXVI Eigthy-Six
87 LXXXVII Eigthy-Seven
88 LXXXVIII Eigthy-Eight
89 LXXXIX Eigthy-Nine
90 XC Ninety
91 XCI Ninety-One
92 XCII Ninety-Two
93 XCIII Ninety-Three
94 XCIV Ninety-Four
95 XCV Ninety-Five
96 XCVI Ninety-Six
97 XCVII Ninety-Seven
98 XCVIII Ninety-Eight
99 XCIX Ninety-Nine
100 C One Hundred
Number Ruman Numareal Number in Words

Roman Numbers 1-100

Roman numbers are the digits that are denoted or written in the roman format and take place from the basics to the advanced stage. These numbers are significant in themselves as they represent the whole mechanism of the roman denomination. One needs to have a basic understanding of these numbers to understand these numbers in a good manner. Since these numbers are not in the mainstream thus most of us struggle to have the proper understanding of them. This is when we suggest going with a proper roman numerals chart to get the due exposure of these numerals.

We are here with one such source to assist all our aspiring learners of these numerals. We have compiled these numerals in one single place in the sequence of 1 to 100. So anyone who doesn't have any understanding of these numbers can simply begin with these numbers from here. Subsequently, the readers can develop a core understanding of these numbers by having due exposure. We believe that the sequence of these first 100 numbers will give enough learning exposure to all aspiring learners around here.

Printable Roman Numerals 1-100

Well not all of us prefer preparing the roman numerals chart on our own as it comes as a very cumbersome task. The task requires both time and effort from the learners and they simply don't like it. This is where exactly they feel the need of looking out for alternatives and we always recommend going with the Roman numerals chart in the printable format. This particular format is quite popular and ideal for several reasons among numerals learners. First of all, it's a digital format that is quite easy to get with one single click, unlike most other numerals chart which requires effort.

The other reason is chart comes in digital format as well which provides digital compatibility to the learners. With the digital accessibility of the chart, you will be able to make the digital and portable learning of the roman numerals. So, feel free to get this printable roman numerals chart and bring significant convenience to your learning. Moreover, you can also share this chart with the other aspiring learners of these numerals who are having similar goals.

Roman Numerals 1-100 Chart

The learning of the Roman numerals highly depends upon the kind of source that you are using to learn these numerals. We believe that it is the source of learning that makes the numerals hard or easy to learn. Keeping the same thing in our consideration we have developed this of our roman numerals chart for all our aspiring learners. The chart comes with a well-simplified collection of the roman numbers from 1 to 100.

It is highly ideal for those who wish to learn these numerals on their own without seeking any external support. We have kept the chart very simple with our conceptual teaching of these numerals in a straightforward manner. The chart is therefore ideal for both the personal and the classroom learning of the enthusiasts around. Kids can use it as a reliable source of learning these numerals simply without relying on the teachers or parents.

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